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This is gonna be just a short progress post because it’s late and I’m feeling unwell. Sore throat. Sure sign of the cooties.

Anyway, T and I have what we refer to as “Milestone Jeans.” The MJs are a pair of jeans that we each have, and aim to get into. I’m very pleased to announce that my original MJ size N jeans pull up fairly comfortably, zip with ease and are sit down in-able! (You know that’s a test that needs to be passed with denim!)

Since those jeans fit fairly well (though not well enough that I’m confident to wear them out because muffin top, dontcha know?), I’ve instituted another pair of MJs that are size (N-2)! My goal is to comfortably fit into a size (N-4) by my Vegas trip!! If When it happens, I’ll do a big ole algebraic reveal and let you know what (N-4) equals!

Take care and happy LCHFing!