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T here!

That title sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it?  The Purge. Believe it or not, I’m actually not referring to a night of rampant lawlessness– although I am intrigued by the concept (I really need to see those movies).  I am instead referencing the topographical nightmare that is my skin right now.  More specifically, my face. 😦

Before I delve any deeper into “The Purge”, let me share a little background on my skin.  My skin, my skin.  Whoa buddy.

I have suffered from cystic acne off and on for roughly the last 8 years.  It’s hereditary, as my mom went through similar issues.  While she stayed in the dermatologist’s office, I’ve been far more sporadic in my visits.  I wasn’t sure I was conveying the proper information to my derm, which led him to place me on antibiotics to treat the skin infection.  I was on it for roughly 5 months, yes, with clear skin.  But who wants to be on meds long-term for something so superficial and non-life threatening? Of course, being the Google queen, I went to some message boards and found out some of the long-term effects of being on the medication.  One said something about gums turning blue (temporarily), and teeth turning blue (often permanently).  Soooo, yeah.  I went off the medication for good.

I have somehow in the last year or so, figured out how to balance and manage my skin.  I suppose it’s a mixture of getting older, better diet, and more TLC for my skin. I’ve discovered that there are very few products I can use that won’t leave my chin covered in large, tender nodules.  Less is more.  I don’t wear makeup, and I have found a couple of trusty products that I use faithfully.

Which brings us to the present.  When I began doing my research into LCHF, I found sites that stated several of the issues/conditions that could be resolved or reduced by eliminating carbs from the diet– one of those being acne.  So imagine my fitful surprise when my skin decided to do a pubescent throwback, leaving me pizza-faced and confused.  I was bewildered! People who had long suffered from acne were now enjoying the benefits of clearer skin, after just a few short weeks (or even days) on LCHF.  Why was this happening to ME– when my skin was clearer than most to begin with?

Before I share what I’ve discovered, let me say that I’m not an esthetician, or skin specialist of any kind.  This is just some anecdotal knowledge that I’ve gained from casual web-surfing, but it makes sense to me, and has made me feel better about the whole situation.

When the body transitions into ketosis (using fat as the primary source of energy, as opposed to carbohydrates), it can be a bumpy ride.  As the fat stores in my body are being depleted, the gunk and toxins stored within that fat, are also being released.  It has to go somewhere (our preference is of course to excrete it), and the facial pores are some of the largest in the body.  Now what does this mean for me?  It means that I’m likely in ketosis (yay!) and my body is ‘purging’ itself of some of that old stored yucky.  It also likely means that my hormone levels are being regulated (although my cycle is already pretty regular, I’m open to tweaking), and the result is my less-than-perfect complexion.  With time, as my body adjusts to ketosis, it will almost certainly become more efficient at eliminating the waste and toxins, and my skin will be spared.  My role in the meanwhile, is to drink plenty plenty of water, to help the purge along, and encourage my body to release the toxins down yonder.

So all that to say, this is quite possibly the first time I don’t mind having a few zits! It means I’m on the right path, and my body is healing.  So if you’re one of those lucky people whose skin is perfect on the path to ketosis, congratulations!  And I hate you.  But yay for all of us getting healthier!

Until next time.. T ❤