T here. 🙂

This is gonna be a quicky post, just because I’ve had a pickle of a day and I feel the need to end it on a positive note.  Nothing like reflecting on what’s going right in your life to help soften the not-so-right.

Anyhoo, let me just say it.  I’ve lost roughly 20 lbs since starting this WOE a little over a month ago.  In my mind, I expect 20 lbs to be the rough side of the mountain, and it would be smooth-sailing from there.  Ohhh, how I dared to dream! I haven’t lost enough just yet to relax about my size, but lemme say this: for once in a very long while, I can walk past a mirror without cringing.

That may not seem like such a big deal, but trust me– it’s huge.  Huge!  As someone formerly in love with her reflection, it’s a really deep and painful thing to not only dislike what you see, but to actively avoid seeing it.  I’m a chick with skin-tight hair, which is actually how I prefer it, but for years I’ve been flip-flopping on the notion of growing my hair out (which I hate) JUST to balance out the fat in my face.  On one of the many fashion blogs I read, the blogger wondered how many full-figured women (like herself) hide behind their hair.  I certainly wouldn’t say I’ve ‘hidden’, heck, I don’t have enough hair for that. But the thought has certainly crossed my mind several times.

Earlier this week however, tired of rocking the platinum blonde that I’ve had for a couple months, I cut my hair down to 1/16″.  I knew it would make my chubby face look ginormous, but I didn’t really care at the time.  But oh baby, oh baby!  It looks SMASHING on me.  My face has finally slimmed down enough to where I can rock this buzz cut and feel just as fierce and sexy as I wanna be.  That’s a massive accomplishment to me!  And what’s even better, is that I’m getting to a place where I’m beginning to love my reflection again.  Now whether or not that’s a good thing?  I guess it depends on who you are, and whether or not we share a mirror..

Toodles! ❤