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So hey. Yesterday was labor day. As I may or may not have mentioned, I’m off diet on Saturdays and holidays. On Saturdays, I’ll minimally indulge. Have some fruit, a couple cookies…you know, just a little carb-filled snacky wacky here and there.

Holidays are a different story. If there’s a carb in it, Imma eat it! Yesterday was Labor Day. I didn’t really eat much all day, but in the evening? Smash city. I had a ribeye that had been soaked in sweet BBQ sauce before it met the grill. I had banana cream pie. I had fresh pineapple. Oh, sweet pineapple, how I do love thee in all your glory. I had Pepsi…full high fructose corn syrup Pepsi. I had some Stella Artois. And, just because I clearly had not had enough carbs for the day, I ate a bowl of dry Honeycomb cereal.

Fast forward 24 hours (give or take a couple), and I am miserably bloated and bloatedly miserable. I’ve been peeing like a racehorse since about 4 am. That super urgent, legs crossed tight while doing some spastic ballet moves to the bathroom type of need to pee.



So, lesson known but reinforced is: EVERYTHING IN MODERATION! No need to be carbing out of control just because it’s a holiday. Those Honeycombs weren’t even that good! I’m not even gonna try on my MJ’s or weigh myself until next week. I definitely should be ashamed of myself as I only have 58 days until Vegas!!

I may be strict for the next couple weeks and even skip my weekend off day to make up for this lapse. Then again, I may not. We’ll see!