“Excuse me, but do you BPC?” *coquettish grin*

I just said that out loud, in my ‘Grey Poupon’ voice.  You know the one. 😀

BPC, for those of you who may not yet know, is bulletproof coffee.  I’ve also heard of it called ‘butter coffee’ in some circles, and it’s a cornerstone of the LCHF lifestyle.  If you plug ‘bulletproof coffee’ into your Google window, the first result will likely be to bulletproofexec.com, the site belonging to the man credited with inventing bulletproof coffee.  Of course, since its inception, it has spun off into all sorts of variations, often suited to the drinker’s personal tastes or dietary needs.  I’ve heard of people adding protein powder, sugar-free cocoa mix, dark chocolate, etc.  All sorts of interesting additions!  Of course, the starting off point seems to have a few things in common: freshly brewed coffee, grass-fed butter, and coconut (or MCT) oil. Anyway, this post is about my recent experiences with BPC, and how I think I’m becoming an addict!

I’m not a coffee drinker.  I grew up in a house without a coffee maker. (Then again, my parents didn’t drink alcohol either.) The only time I remember smelling coffee in the morning was when I’d visit my grandmother as a kid.  She drank Sanka. It always looked and smelled really good, but isn’t Sanka decaffeinated?  Like, what’s the point? LOL!  So anyway, when she finished doctoring it up, it was all light and creamy.. kinda like a latte.  I always remember wanting a sip, but never having the courage to ask for one.  Fast forward [number redacted] years, to my newly-burgeoning LCHF lifestyle. We are forever on the search for something to eat– especially something quick and satisfying.

I remember J mentioning BPC a couple of times, and after asking her what it was, I went and looked online for more info.  Coconut oil? Uhhh, no. No no no. I hate coconuts.  Like, severe hatred (although the Bounty candy bars from the UK had me seriously rethinking my position).  People say that you can’t really taste the coconut flavor when using the flour and the oil (unless the oil is unrefined), but I can.  After my experience with oil pulling (something else J hipped me to), I know without a doubt that I can taste it.  So the mere mention of the oil pretty much made me say a big-fat NO to the whole BPC idea.

I’ve said no to lots of things on this WOE, and as time goes on, and variety becomes an issue, I end up succumbing and trying them anyway.  My first big-fat NO was on sweeteners.  Now I own splenda, xylitol, AND erythritol. But I digress.. I was unwilling to try the BPC because of the coconut oil. But I was intrigued with the idea of something that could replace breakfast and most of lunch, plus supplying mental clarity and boundless energy.  So I bought a cheapo Mr. Coffee 4-cup ($14 at my local Meijer) and plunged ahead.

Let me cut to the chase: BPC makes me happy.  It does!  Does it keep me full for 6 hours?  Heck no.  Then again, I’m a busy gal and I imagine that my metabolism has increased since I’ve lost 35 lbs (woot woot!).  But it DOES give me a boost.  I feel brighter, fresher, and a bit steadier than I usually do.  And that’s coming from a natural morning person.  I still don’t do the coconut oil, but I do take a coconut oil supplement at night, to hopefully supply me with some of those benefits.

BPC is something that’s not only good in the mornings, but on days when you’re having trouble getting your fats up.  My recipe is 21g of fat, and I feel good knowing that I’m giving my body a good jump start for my busy days.  I use 1 tbls of Kerrygold butter, 2 tbls of HWC, and sugar-free syrup (I have caramel, french vanilla, and chocolate– just depends on what I feel like tasting that day), and whip it all up with Maxwell House Master Blend (kinda weak for coffee, but I wanted to start small) in my Magic Bullet!

Do you BPC?  And if so, what do you put in yours?  I’m always open to new recipes!

Until next time,