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Behold, the Nu-Wave

Behold, the Nu-Wave

So a few months back, my grandmother got a Nu-Wave Pro Infrared Oven from my uncle. She’s been singing its praises ever since. A few days ago, upon visiting with dear granny, I asked if she’d let me borrow hers so I could determine if I wanted one of my own. Of course she said yes. Because I’m her favorite grandchild. Duh.

Anyway, it took me one day of use to determine that I absolutely had to have one. I brought it home on a Friday night, started using it Saturday morning, placed my order for my very own on Saturday evening.

One of the selling points of the oven is that you can go from frozen to cooked in a fraction of the time. This is true. I cooked frozen Italian sausage in about 20 minutes. I haven’t tried cooking anything else from frozen, but I’ll admit that there was some flavor sacrificed with that method. Not enough to turn me away from doing it again in a pinch though.

The major boon of this oven, for me, is the fact that there’s no need to preheat. Seriously, in the time it takes to preheat a traditional oven, food in the Nu-Wave will be done or close to it!

And let us not overlook the deliciousness factor. In addition to the Italian sausage, I’ve made bacon, country spareribs, beef roast with potatoes and carrots (I didn’t eat the taters and carrots, o’course) and chicken wings in this thing. All turned out tender and moist, which is surprising given that there isn’t as much fat retained as with traditional oven cooking. (Not ideal for the LCHF way of eating, but you can add fat in other ways.) And look…those chicken wings took 16 minutes. SIXTEEN MINUTES!

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Just look at the stuff I made and tell me you don’t want it! You can purchase it here, here and here. Now I think those are links for the Nu-Wave Oven Pro, whereas I have the Pro Plus. My understanding is that the Pro Plus has a sturdier dome.

My uncle ordered his from the official site, taking advantage of the BOGO deal. I only needed one, and QVC had a deal at the time, so that’s where I ordered mine from.

Do you have one? Tell us about it in the comments!